Sales & Leasing


For general sales inquiries, customers may contact our Home Office and an account executive will be assigned to you within 24 hours of receiving your call. In addition to this option, potential clients may also reach out directly to any of the following individuals on the UOM team:

Andy Reeves
Accounts Manager
Cell Phone 865-591-3558

James Sears
Sales Manager
Cell Phone: 606-304-5846

Trey Bledsoe
Home Office Sales
Contact Number: 606-878-2660

Charlotte Anders
Home Office inquires
Contact Number: 606-878-2660

If you are seeking single board directional or mid-size market branding, Andy or James will be assigned to your account. If you are seeking regional coverage, feel free to contact either Andy or James or you may contact our home office at 606-878-2660. For state-wide purchases, contact Trey Bledsoe at 606-878-2660. All potential clients are asked to provide the name of the business or entity with whom they are associated, the general concept and area for coverage and the preferred route of future communications. United may also ask for days of preference so follow up is convenient.

New clients receive the option of working with UOM's in-house graphic department or they may advise UOM of any graphic designer of choice. Coverage options for single through three panel purchases will be presented in a standard rate-card format. Packaged purchases will be personalized to reflect the target area, the flight plan and will be sent as a PDF overview with applicable market data, showing numbers, daily effective circulation or EOI, costs, terms and estimated posting dates.

Please visit our FAQ section if you are a first time outdoor buyer for general information.


United takes pride in developing locations in-house and also through its leasing agents and partners. While we sincerely enjoy reviewing all potential opportunities, we take pride in properly qualifying sites through all levels of government. Once contact has been made, United will gather general information about the property or properties and begin a standard 48-hour initial due diligence period. In this phase, United will review the zoning, location, market and all other aspects relative to the legality of a potential sign. United will also create a standard property overview that will be given to the property owner.

Pending the results of our initial due diligence, if a site warrants further efforts, UOM will schedule a time to meet with the property owner or owners in short order. United traditionally has developed within a 300 mile radius of its home office; however we explore any and all opportunities. United and its team have developed in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Alabama. United has also assisted in the development of properties in 14 States. Just because we do not service a general area does not mean we don't know someone with an interest in a given area.

If a property qualifies, United takes pride in offering top notch compensation while assuming all risk of government delays. Property owners begin receiving payment after a due diligence period of no less than five months and no more than 9 months. Permitting typically goes through local government, applicable State government and Federal Government making the process somewhat time consuming; however the end result is well worth the wait. As each step is completed, UOM notifies the property owner of the status so they are aware of any and all progress. Signs are developed in a manner consistent with the long-term goals of the property as to not interrupt ingress / egress and visibility to existing on-premise signs. Our construction crews work hand in hand with landowners to build on days of convenience and most importantly, any UOM sign is engineered and constructed using the most recent International Building Code for a clean, effective and safe product that represents our company and the Lessor in a professional and aesthetic manner. All signs are fully insured by UOM. Lessors are added as an additional insured.

If you are an existing sign owner looking to sell assets within our coverage area or if you are seeking to sell a fully developed plant, please contact us today. We will review the offering in a timely manner. UOM is always seeking quality growth both organically and through acquisition. 2011 and 2012 acquisition financing exists as of now so please don't hesitate to call. Acquisition opportunities are pursued on a first come, first serve basis.