Think you have what it takes to sell outdoor? Do you have the skills required to promise only what you can deliver and work within a true team concept? UOM will selectively use third-party sales support. If you are experienced with media sales and would like to know more about potential commission-based pay, email us here. Please detail the counties or cities you would like to potentially work and include your past-history and resume. An authorized agent will send return correspondence usually within three working days. Third parties will work with existing UOM account managers and must perform with consistency placing the customer first. Third party sales are limited to Kentucky residents.


UOM consistently seeks plant-configuration offerings in Kentucky and surrounding states. UOM is also seeking digital-based plants in tourism heavy areas of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida. Operators with Interstate displays or crucial primary-interior displays are welcome to contact us for an evaluation of their assets. If the sites land in an existing UOM target area, the owner of UOM will make contact to discuss the possibility of an acquisition. Acquisitions are based upon performance records, quality of sites and land lease terms. Closings typically occur within 90 days from the time of an executed NDA and standard due diligence letters.

Top 100 Acquisitions

If you are seeking to sell assets in a designated top 100 US market, contact us today. Digital and multi-message sites are preferred. Assets should consist of 2- 10 locations, hold a minimum avg. of 55.0 DEC (per site) and have bulletin sized panels (14'0 x 48'0 or 10'6 x 36'0 for tri-vision and/or static - 10'0 x 24'0 minimum for LED with a preferred 10'0 x 30'0 to 14'0 x 48'0 live copy area). Existing operators / owners may be given the option to sell or retain partial ownership in asset groupings using a percentage-based ownership arrangement.

Asset Management

UOM management offers a set monthly payment, sales, posting, billing and maintenance for existing outdoor operators. Operators with plants ranging from 25 to 200 overall panels are preferred. Management terms are discussed on a case-by-case basis. Email us today with questions regarding this option.

Territory Mergers

UOM reviews potential market-mergers with established operators seeking to expand rotary coverage areas and display options. Market area mergers do not reflect an acquisition nor are they treated as single-entity offerings. UOM account managers and posting teams work with other vendors solely for the benefit of increased customer service range.

Assets for Sale

Please check back in periodically for developed sites for sale. Any UOM site for sale comes with a minimum 12 year lease period, 2006 IBC steel structures and existing advertisers.

Franchise Development

UOM teams with regional and national property owners each year. If you represent the interests of a growing restaurant chain, fuel or retail supplier and wish to maximize cash flow, UOM will aggressively seek to develop all quality properties. Site development includes standard non-competes with any advertiser offering the same services as those found on the property, building schedules with days of choice and final site placement that does not interfere with on premise signs, ingress or egress.

UOM Investments

UOM offers investment opportunities to qualified parties. UOM investments include a locked return with a minimum of 2.5 points over prime and a floor of 7%. Qualifying sums vary; however you may feel free to contact us at any time if you are seeking new investment opportunities. UOM will supply qualified investors with all necessary materials to properly assess the company and growth plans.

UOM customizes investment plans based upon the desired return and overall sums. Investors are typically limited to options inside their home-state. For information on ROI and our available plans (24, 36, 48 and 60 months), email us today. UOM investments is a limited service available on a case-by-case basis. Investments are overseen by our financial managers, Edward Jones and Greene and McCowan CPA. All investment funds are qualified using a 80% LTV minimum.

Jr. Panel Leasing (NEW)

UOM Jr. Panel development services are reserved for property owners with multiple tracts in designated areas. Properties must front both primary and thoroughly traveled secondary highways in populated areas.

Rail Management

UOM partners offer railroad outdoor management. Regardless of size or area, authorized agents of railroad properties may contact our real estate division today for a thorough analysis of existing signs and/or potential sign development. If you are a private property owner who has purchased abandoned right of way, feel free to contact us as well for deed research and other information relative to potential sign development or other commercial expansion.

Telecommunications / Cellular

UOM partners with various cell-tower providers on inventory where attachments can be used pursuant to zoning codes. Contact us today with your general inquiry. UOM will supply specific lat / lon information as well as general terms for a specified area.

Small scale printing

Need banner work? Looking to promote a grand opening? Contact us today for a quote on small-scale print work.