Company History

United Outdoor Media, LLC. ("UOM") is a Kentucky based Outdoor Advertising company headquartered in Southeastern, KY. UOM's roots can be found in United Sign, LTD. United Sign was formed in 1996 and was owned by Baxter Bledsoe, Jr., Robert Gilbert and Bobby Jones. Each member brought a specific area of expertise to the company. Mr. Bledsoe was a practicing attorney experienced in outdoor litigation, Mr. Gilbert was a veteran of the outdoor industry and Mr. Jones focused on field operations. The three partners obtained organic growth in the Southeastern, KY region with a particular emphasis on I-75. From 1996 through 2002, United Sign grew at a steady pace using a 50 mile radius rule of thumb and often defending its right to do business in Kentucky courts.

Some of today's UOM team members were present in United Sign operations. Charlotte Anders was the original office manager and Trey Bledsoe aided the company with field & sales efforts. In 2002, United Sign's partners began to consider other endeavors. As it became clear the company would not be seeking additional growth, Trey Bledsoe formed United Outdoor Media, LLC.

UOM purchased the interests from each of the founding partners of United Sign to keep day-to-day operations under one roof and set new goals and standards. As expansion options grew, UOM relied on its exemplary occupancy percentage and hard to reach site selection to attract investors and funding.

From 2002 through present day, UOM has built and acquired approximately 500 panels spreading its coverage area to over 60 counties, adding units on I-64, I-71, I-24, I-65 and keeping a mixture of out of home options from Rural to Metropolitan areas for consistent and well-rounded displays that appeal to businesses and brands of all sizes.

While Outdoor Advertising has its share of critics, UOM firmly believes in the principals of time and place, freedom of speech and private property rights. UOM is proud to have contributed in adding millions of dollars to private properties, building properly engineered / clean units, holding all organic growth to the mandate of proper permitting, adding to its employee base annually and keeping everything from printing to structure fabrication in the USA.

Like our product, you will find our team available 7 days a week. While UOM is a constantly evolving company, we strive to earn your business, keep your business and grow your business with an economical solution that penetrates your market of choice providing reach and frequency that can only be found in our offerings. Check back frequently for newly added displays, renovated structures and technological upgrades. You may also follow us on Facebook